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The Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club is a non-profit organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Arthur J. Martori founded the club in 1976. Mr. Martori graduated from Brophy High School in Phoenix, and went on to wrestle for Arizona State University. After his competitive career, he never let go of his passion for the sport. With the help from his coach and mentor, Tom Dubin, Martori started the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club. His vision was to increase the technical knowledge and enhance the competitive spirit of wrestlers through training and competition. Martori is a leader in the citrus and farming industry. He is married to local artist Sue Martori. Together, they have three daughters, Carol, Jill and Kim. They also have two grandsons; Jacob and Noah, sons of Kim and Menno Wickey and three granddaughters; Sophia, Amelia and Gabriella, daughters of Jill and Sean Stone. Over the years, the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club has grown to become one of the most successful wrestling clubs in the world. A number of dedicated people helped to lay the groundwork for the club's success. In the beginning, administrator Jan Kernan, and business manager Joe Corso helped run the Sunkist Kids. And for nearly the past decade, the elite club has been run by Executive Director Kim Martori-Wickey and Director of Operations and Development Tim Gressley, along with countless other volunteers throughout the Arizona wrestling community. The Sunkist Kids athlete's competitive success is due to the club's leadership, organization, direct financial support, elite level coaching, and international travel for the team members. By utilizing an extensive network of coaches in Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania the Sunkist Kids athletes have the ability to access the best facilities and training environments. For nearly 35 years, the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club has supported and coached athletes towards meeting their goals and dreams of becoming national, world and Olympic Champions. The Sunkist Kids organization strives to create and support champions that display leadership, discipline, integrity and loyalty. These characteristics are fundamentally important to success both on and off the mat. Billy Rosado led the team by becoming the first Sunkist Kids athlete to compete for the USA, the first Sunkist Kids Olympian, and the first Sunkist Kids World Medalist! Rosado, like most retired Sunkist Kids athletes, continues to give back to the sport and his community. He is now a successful businessman in the State of Nevada. To date, the Sunkist Kids wrestlers have earned more than 158 World and Olympic Team spots since Rosado. Many of wrestling's greatest champions and leaders are from the Sunkist Kids Organization. For example, wrestling legend John Smith (2X Olympic and 4X World Champion), women's wrestling pioneer Tricia Saunders (4X World Champion), Henry Cejudo (2008 Olympic Gold Medalist), Cael Sanderson (2004 Olympic Gold Medalist), Greco-Roman superstar Rulon Gardner (2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist) are all Sunkist Kids! With continued support, the long list of Sunkist leaders and champions should continue to grow. Click on the TEAM link for a complete list of Sunkist Kid Wrestlers and the HISTORY link for athlete accomplishments! Each year the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club provides a 9-month wrestling academy, summer wrestling camps in June and July, private one on one and group instruction that have been attended by thousands of male and female wrestlers each of which aspire to become champions and as our elite club testifies, many do. Every class and camp is instructed by wrestling champions and world class coaches. By learning from the best in wrestling, each student is exposed to world class wrestling styles and tips regarding what it takes to arrive at such goals. Click here to join our mailing list to be kept informed about Camps, Classes and Events.



The mission of the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club is to assist elite level athletes in achieving their dreams of becoming World and Olympic Champions. The Sunkist Kids organization believes in providing quality coaching, exposure to international competition, and the resources our athletes need to become Champions.


The vision of the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club is to continue to help elite athletes strive for excellence in Olympic Style wrestling. The club aims to improve the level of wrestling at the grassroots level, as well. Sunkist Kids athletes and coaches use the sport of wrestling to teach discipline, goal orientation, and sportsmanship to the next generation of youth. This instills the confidence and leadership qualities necessary for young people to reach their full potential. Sunkist Kids also provides an avenue for businesses, wrestling fans, and former athletes to give back to the sport and their communities by supporting tomorrow's champions.

  • Build and promote the Sunkist Kids International Open Tournament as the premiere international wrestling event in the world.
  • Build and promote the Sunkist Kids Golf Classic as a premiere charity fund-raising event for wrestling in Arizona.
  • Establish and implement a youth developmental program "Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy and Competition Team” utilizing Sunkist Kids athletes and coaches.
  • Establish and implement summer wrestling camps utilizing our network of college and elite coaches and athletes
  • Develop opportunities for the Sunkist Kids athletes through individual sponsorships, local employment, and assist them in the transition beyond their wrestling careers.


Over the past 34 years, the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club has produced more Olympic, World and U.S. National Champions than any other elite wrestling club in the United States. To date, the Sunkist Kids have 55 Olympic and World Medals, and 164 National Champions. Their success was primarily due to a top of the line coaching staff, dedicated athletes, devoted volunteers from behind the scenes, and financial resources.

In the History of Achievements section, the Sunkist Kids illustrate their international and national level accomplishments. Their athletes have competed in the Olympic Games, the Goodwill Games, the World Championships, the Pan American Games, the U.S. Open National Championships, and a variety of International tournaments all over the world. Soon you will discover why the Sunkist Kids are considered the most elite wrestling club in the world.

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